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Grand Champion Mr.Applejacks BBQ Team

North State Round 2

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July 19, 2014

Boomtown Resort Casino, Verdi NV

Round Number Two of the North State Barbeque Championship Series

By Scott Gomes

As teams loaded in on Friday, July 18, in preparation for round two of the North State Barbeque Championship series (NSBC), AKA the 50th Anniversary BBQ Bash at Boomtown, you could not help but notice the wind and dark clouds blowing through the Verdi Valley. Teams were busy tying down their pop-up tents to anything that wouldn’t move. Alaskan Brewing Company, one of our weekend sponsors, was doing a great job trying to keep the Beer Garden from flying away. After the teams secured their cook sites, many of them took advantage of Boomtown Casino and Hotel’s buffet dinner. Over 30 of our BBQ brethren gathered at the world famous all-you-can-eat lobster buffet, and our wonderful hosts at Boomtown provided the group with a private dining area where all the pit masters and team members could sit and enjoy the buffet of anything but BBQ. Everyone had a great time, and the boys from Smokers Wild BBQ made sure they got their money’s worth and then some.

The next morning, when the sun rose over the mountain, the weather calmed down and things began to heat up at the BBQ team sites. That oh so familiar smell of sweet BBQ smoke even drifted over to Cabela’s and caught the attention of many customers heading into the store to restock on summer camping supplies. The judge’s room, headed by BBQ judge aficionado Ben Lobenstein, with assistance from Teri Anderson, was busy getting set for the first turn in. Back outside, as teams were preparing for the first turn in at noon, our crossing guard was setting up his cones to control the traffic at the main entrance of the casino. In a unique twist, the BBQ teams had to cross the busy main road into the casino for the turn in at the conference center. Of course our pit masters had the right of way! At noon, the first boxes for chicken started coming in, and many of the pit masters were pleased with their results. Several teams felt this was their best chicken turn in to date. Despite iffy weather the night before, ideal cooking conditions were producing some outstanding turn ins. Finishing in the top five for chicken were Keith Stroup of Charlie Dawgs BBQ in 5th place, 4th place went to Andy Rossner and David Schmidt of Rolling Bones Traveling BBQ Circus, 3rd place went to Ryan Pang of Bad S BBQ, 2nd place belonged to Brian Guiterrez and the Pirates of the Pigs BBQ team, and 1st place was awarded to Dave Duarte and his Mr. Applejacks BBQ team.

Tri-Tip was up next and the teams were getting the hang of the road crossing and were enjoying the air conditioned conference center as the weather heated up. Kicking off the top five was Mark Olsen and the Smokin Good BBQ Team in 5th. Fourth place went to Mr. Apple Jacks BBQ, 3rd went to the second-year team, Double Trouble Backyard BBQ and 2nd place went to those good ol’ boys, the Grill Billies BBQ Team. The overall tri-tip winner was the original gangsters of BBQ, Kevin Barteaux, Dana Myers and the TMC BBQ Team.

As the pork rib turn-ins started, the temperature continued to rise and so did the scores with a few teams receiving an impressive all nines across the board. Starting out the top five was Rolling Bones Traveling BBQ Circus in 5th, Max Hill from Max’s Black Bear BBQ was 4th, the boys from D&D BBQ finished 3rd, Jim Sasso and the 2nQue BBQ team with a solid 2nd, and the pork rib division winner was Matt Bergen from the Bone Rubbin BBQ team (representing the 209). Just as the rib turn in was completed, Alaskan Brewing Company representatives were walking around passing out samples of their many craft beers much to the delight of all the patrons and pit masters. Tom Sharp of Big Pig BBQ was also putting on an informative cooking demonstration featuring one of the NSBC sponsored Pit Boss ABS barbeque systems. Tom’s demo featured some incredible orange ginger smoked salmon, citrus dill salmon on a cedar plank and marinated tri-tip. Of course the smoked hot link samples were a hit as well. Kudos to Tom and Linn for an outstanding demonstration.

Next on the turn in sheet were the two new categories this year, chili and salsa. In the salsa division starting out the top five was A&L BBQ in 5th. In 4th place was Bone Rubbin BBQ, 3rd place went to Scott Pollice and his Big Kahuna Team, 2nd was a new team from Carson City, NV, Y’all BBQ, and our Boomtown salsa champ was Gina D’Arcangelo of Big Shot BBQ. Moving on to the chili division, rounding out the top five was Big O’s BBQ in 5th place, 4th place went to the Rat Rod Chili team from Sunnyvale, 3rd place went to the boys from D&D BBQ and 2nd place going to Big Shot BBQ. Congratulations to the overall chili division winner, Y’all BBQ from Carson City, NV. Everyone did a great job in these fun new categories.

The teams gathered at the conference center for the awards show, and the energy was high and loud after the crowd was whipped into a frenzy by hotel and NSBC staff tossing free t-shirts and wallets with free play into the crowd. Things became more serious as the awards were called out. After the top ten teams in each BBQ category were announced, it was time to narrow it down to the top five teams overall. The teams placing in the top five overall at Boomtown were Pirates of the Pig from Roseville in 5th place overall, 4th place overall went to Matt Bergen from Bone Rubbin BBQ, and 3rd place overall was the team from Rolling Bones Traveling BBQ Circus. Reserve Grand Champion went to the Grill Billies BBQ from Redding, and the Grand Champion spot went to another Redding team, Mr. Applejacks BBQ, headed by Pit Master Dave Duarte.

Teams were eager to see the overall series results and they were posted immediately by a NSBC series partner, After two events, it turns out the overall team is a tie between BBQ Hazard and Rolling Bones BBQ Circus. The team in third place overall is Grill Billies BBQ. Fourth place overall is held by Pirates of the Pig and a tie for the 5th spot is Smokin the Bandit BBQ and Mr. Applejacks.

A big thank you goes out to our judges and staff for their help and insight in making this event a success. Of course a gigantic thank you goes to our host Boomtown Casino and Hotel. The Casino was very excited to have the BBQ event there, and the Boomtown staff was on top of every aspect of the event, making it a great success. Thank you, again, Boomtown Casino and Hotel. We are already looking forward to 2015.

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3- All Hogs Sauced Up 426

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4- Woodhouse BBQ 380

John Anderson ~ St. Helena, CA

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8 Big B's Down & Dirty BBQ 354

Bill Souza ~ Pacifica, CA

9- Porterhouse BBQ 352

Raymond Porter ~ Banning, CA

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Steve Aguilar ~ San Diego, CA

11- Big Poppa Smokers 344

Sterling Ball ~ Coachella, CA

12- Lady of Q 331

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15- Jet Coatings "Monkey Style" 313

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16- Knock UR Sox Off BBQ 301

Ryan Moore ~ Fontana, CA

17- Wild Willys Smokin Hot BBQ 294

William Wilson ~ Riverside, CA

18- The Pit Crew ~ 289

Steve Wilson ~ Anaheim Hills, CA

19- Hog Heaven Sauces 285

Ira Pupko ~ Temecula, CA

20- Bowling Over Pigs 273

Chuck Collondrez ~ Brentwood, CA

21- Rooftop Barbeque 263

Andy Allen ~ Menifee, CA

22- Smoke Hound BBQ ® 260

Mike Brady ~ Ontario, CA

23- Grill of His Dreams 256

John Ketron ~ Carlsbad, CA

23 Smokin Mo's 256

Mike Lindley ~ Yucca Valley, CA

25- When Pigs Fly 234

Dale Ginos ~ Oceanside, CA

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