3rd Annual Wild Wild West BBQ State Championship

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What: The 3rd Annual Wild Wild West BBQ Championship-- CBBQA's LAST TOY event of the year and also the 1st CBBQA TOY event for 2013... That's right 1 trip, TWO EVENTS... Both Events count towards KCBS TOY 2013, they are the 1st 2 events of 2013 for the KCBS.

When: 12/31/12 and 1/1/13

Where: At Lake Elsinore, CA at the new $8 million dollar Boat launch and resort

Prize pool- $17,500 for both days in cash and prizes


GC-$1,500 + Entry into next yrs

RGC- $500 + Entry into next yrs

3rd finisher-- Entry into next yrs

1st in each category- $400

2nd- $300

3rd- $200

4th- $150

5th- $75

6th-10th- $50

SOME OTHER INFO: Here is some info regarding the RV park.... and look at the last one--- WE GOT "FREE" Showers for everyone....

1. The phone number to reserve RV sites is user posted image0-416-6992. 2. The phone number to reserve kayaks is 951-471-1212. 3. A full hook up site is $35 a night (we are limited on these spots). An electrical and water site is $30 a night. 4. To dump is free if they are camping with us, $10 if they are not. 5. We will not charge your participants to shower.

Some facts-- campground is about 500 ft+ from cook site -- as are showers. Some of you I know will stay there the day before check in, and/or the day after and then reposition yourselves at the cooking site. Some of you don't mind having your sleeping arrangements and your cooking site a few 100 ft apart will enjoy both.. Also if you are bringing family and/or friends to make a weekend + out of it, plenty of RV spaces available for all... and for those of you roughing it, or in need of a little cleaning... FREE Full Showers... BBQ luxury at its best....


  1. Ridge Route Boys - Curtis T., CA
  2. Smokin'Piles of BBQ- Brian Leedy, CA-- 1/1/13 only
  3. All Sauced Up- Dave Malone, CA-
  4. Kritter Kookers- Juha S., CA
  5. Simply Marvelous- Stephan Franklin, CA.
  6. Tatto'd Hog- Skip Roy- CA.
  7. Bowling Over Pigs- Chuck Collondrez- Northern CA.
  8. D'S Smokehouse- Dustin Graffious- CA.
  9. When Pigs Fly- Dale Ginos- CA.
  10. Burnin and Lootin- Jerry Aguilar-CA.
  11. Rooftop BBQ- Andy Allen-CA.
  12. Dee'z Boys BBQ- Dennis Ross- CA. 12/31/12 only
  13. Hog Heaven Sauces- Ira Pupko- CA. 1/1/13 only
  14. Butcher BBQ- David Bouska- OKLAHOMA. 12/31/13 only
  15. Royal Smokin' Hot BBQ- Kevin O'grady- Northern CA.
  16. The Boozers BBQ- Kevin Crook- CA.
  17. RPM BBQ- Ryan McDermott- CA. 1/1/13 only
  18. Big T'z Q Cru- Ryan Newstrom- IOWA.
  19. The 3 B's, BBQ, Brews & Babes- Michael Sanchez- CA.
  20. All Hogs go to Heaven- Steve Madaule- CA.
  21. Knock Ur Sox Off- Ryan Moore- CA. 1/1/13 only
  22. Big B's Down-N-Dirty BBQ- Bill Souza- Northern CA.
  23. The Smoking Hills- Loren Hill- KANSAS
  24. Hog Island Pitmasters- John Hendrickson- Northern CA.
  25. Route 66 Catering Crew- Brandon Evans- ARIZONA
  26. Master of Disaster- Andy Soto- CA.
  27. Pete's Firehouse BBQ- Pete Lent- CA. 12/31/12 only
  28. Freddy Ray's BBQ- Freddy Bryant- CA.
  29. T & J's BAckyard BBQ- Tom Moore- CA. 12/31/12 only


  1. Pete Aragon
  2. Sherry Aragon
  3. Tim McDonald
  4. Diana McDonald
  5. Ann Hoeppner
  6. Dan Drogichen
  7. Abel Tirre
  8. Anna Palomo
  9. Jeff Johnson
  10. Gary Tackett
  11. Chuck Rosen
  12. Dave Ball
  13. Michael Benedetto
  14. Jason Blackburn
  15. Robert Schnerch
  16. Steve Alvarez
  17. Merrialyce Alvarez
  18. Scott Newcomb
  19. Barry Greer
  20. Linda Greer
  21. Vernon Green
  22. Frank Smith
  23. Robert Green
  24. Ed Benitez
  25. JAmie Crow
  26. Corey Crow
  27. Jim Goestch
  28. David Pereira
  29. Craig Wilcken
  30. Cindy Wilcken
  31. Brett McKinney
  32. Deborah Hoernig
  33. Glenn Hoernig
  34. Rachel Carreiro
  35. Brian Carreiro
  36. Joseph Miles
  37. Scott Kuklin
  38. Twila Knack
  39. Scott Simpson
  40. Craig Andrich
  41. Jim Young
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