3rd Annual Dana Point BBQ Championship

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Date: October 4-5, 2013

Location: Sea Terrace Park, Dana Point, CA

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Entry fee is $250.00 ------$25,000 in prize money!!! Plus trophies!

This is a KCBS sanctioned event AND a CBBQA Team of the Year contest.

Entry fee includes your space for Friday and Saturday.

Cooking spaces will be assigned as we receive your entry, extra space available for an extra charge.

Water and electric will be available to most sites.

EventYour entry fee will include all four meat categories and Dessert!

Space is limited.

Teams will provide all necessary supplies for contest.

No open pits can be dug in ground.

Set up starts at 2:00PM Thursday.

Please contact Arlie Bragg for any special needs or Friday setup. (615-758-8749) or Arlieque@comcast.net

Entry fee is $250.00 ------$25,000 in prize money!!! Plus trophies!

Event Payouts

Grand Champion Overall 3,000.00

Reserve Champion Overall 1,500.00

Third Place Overall 750

Fourth Place Overall 500

Fifth Place Overall 250

First Place Dessert 750

Second Place Dessert 500

Third Place Dessert 250

Fourth Place Dessert $150

Fifth Place Dessert $150

Overall and Special Category Total: $7800

Chicken, Ribs, Pork & Brisket each

1st Place + trophy & ribbon $1,250

2nd Place + ribbon $750

3rd Place + ribbon $500

4th Place + ribbon $400

5th Place + ribbon $300

6th Place + ribbon $200

7th Place + ribbon $100

8th Place + ribbon $100

9th Place + ribbon $100

10th Place + ribbon $100

11th Place $100

12th Place $100

13th Place $100

14th Place $100

15th Place $100

Each Meat Category Total: $4,300

Grand Total Cash Payout: $25,000

Entry Forms

Team Application

Judges Application

Contact Arlie Bragg at arlieque@comcast.net for registration and contest questions.

Teams Confirmed

  1. Ace Tomato Company
  2. 2nd to Last BBQ
  3. AFRO Smoke
  4. All Hogs go to Heaven
  5. All Sauced Up
  6. Bakersfield Smoke
  7. Bakersville Hot and Smokin BBQ
  8. Barrely Smokin
  9. Bear's BBQ
  10. Bent Smoke
  11. Big Aces BBQ
  12. Big B's Down-N- Dirty BBQ
  13. Big Daddy's Q n Crew
  14. Big Fire
  15. Big Rack BBQ
  16. Black and White Smoke
  17. Blowin Smoke BBQ
  18. Blue Collar Smokers
  19. Bone Lickin Good BBQ
  20. Bubbas Smokeyard BBQ
  21. Burnin and Lootin
  22. Butchers Daughter BBQ
  23. Cowboys's Smokin Hot BBQ
  24. Daddy O's BBQ
  25. Daddy O's Smokin BBQ
  26. Dad's Doing What They Love
  27. Doghouse BBQ
  28. FORK U BBQ
  29. Funtime BBQ
  30. Good Time Party Q
  31. Grill of his Dreams
  32. HD Up in Smoke
  33. Hog Island Pitmasters
  34. Hog Smoke BBQ
  35. Hog Wild
  36. Hoghound Barbeque
  37. Hot and Smoking Catering
  38. Jet Coatings Smokin & Fishin' Crew
  39. Just Maken It 2
  40. JW Hayes' Honey Doo Doos Daddy's BBQ
  41. Karnivorous
  42. Knock UR Sox Off BBQ
  43. Kritter Kookers
  44. Lady of Q
  45. Left Coast Q
  46. Loot N' Booty BBQ
  47. Mad Dawgz BBQ
  48. Moo Cluck Oink BBQ Team
  49. Mossy Rock BBQ
  50. My Smokin' Grillfriend
  51. OC Double Barrel Smokers
  52. Old School BBQ AZ
  53. OLE Blue BBQ
  54. Outta Gas BBQ
  55. Patio Pitmasters
  56. Pig Pusher BBQ and Catering
  57. PL's Dadgum BBQ
  58. Pork Belly's BBQ
  59. Porketeers
  60. "Q""s BBQ Smoking you out"
  61. Que on the Edge
  62. Qued UP
  63. R&R BBQ
  64. Ranch 13 BBQ
  65. Real McCoy
  66. River City Cooking
  67. Rooftop Barbeque
  68. Royal Smokin Hot BBQ
  69. Sea Smoke BBQ
  70. Silver Ridge BBQ
  71. Simply Marvelous BBQ
  72. Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ
  73. Smoke This BBQ
  74. Smoke-N-Nukes
  75. Smokey Luv BBQ
  76. Smokey Okie and Company
  77. Smokin' it up BBQ
  78. Smokin' Piles of BBQ
  79. Smokin' Rejects
  80. Smokin' Steve's Pit Crew
  81. Smoqued California BBQ
  82. Soaked in Smoke
  83. Son of Smoke
  84. South Coast BBQ
  85. Stealth BBQ
  86. Steel City BBQ
  87. Steve's and Beeve's
  88. T & J Backyard BBQ
  89. Tattoo'D Hog
  90. The Cowboy Way, AZ
  91. The Pit Crew BBQ
  92. The Tattooed Pig
  93. Too Ashamed To Name BBQ
  94. Tropical Heat
  95. Twisted Brisket
  96. Vicious Smoke
  97. When Pigs Fly BBQ
  98. Who’s Smokin Now
  99. Woodhouse Barbecue
  100. Woodys Bar-B-Que
  101. Zelda Smoke
  102. Zzyzx Bar B Q

Till you pay you will not be able to sign up for the dinners, whale watching, etc. and they could be filled up so don't wait.


Teams Expected

Event is full as of 9/26/13


Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



Pork Ribs




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