2nd Annual Little Engine that Could State BBQ Championship

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What: 2nd Annual The Little Engine that Could BBQ State Championship---Last KCBS TOY event of the year 2012... Also a CBBQA TOY event

When: December 15th, 2012

Prize Pool: $10,000 in cash and prizes

GC-$1,500 + Entry into next yrs

RGC- $500 + Entry into next yrs

3rd finisher-- Entry into next yrs

1st in each category- $400

2nd- $300

3rd- $200

4th- $150

5th- $75

6th-10th- $50

Where: Vista, CA at the Steam and Gas Engine museum

Teams Confirmed

  1. Burnin and Lootin- Jerry Aguilar, CA
  2. All Sauced Up- Dave Malone, CA
  3. Kritter Kookers- Juha S., CA
  4. I A B 30 - Tom Glenn, AZ
  5. Big Poppa Smokers- Sterling Ball, CA
  6. Chandlers Bangin' BBQ- Royce Chandler, CA
  7. Lady of Q- Sylvie Curry, CA
  8. Steve's N' Beave's- Steve Flanders, CA
  9. JD's Lipsmakin Smokers- John McIntosh, CA
  10. When Pigs Fly- Dale Ginos- CA
  11. T+J BAckyard BBQ- Tom Moore- CA
  12. Who's Smokin Now- Ray Porter- CA
  13. Smokin' Mo's- Mike Lindley- CA
  14. Brazen BBQ- John Brocamonte- CA
  15. Mad Dawgz BBQ- Larry Adkins- CA
  16. D'S Smokehouse- Dustin Graffious
  17. Left Coast Q- Matt Dalton- CA *
  18. Pete's Firehouse BBQ- Peter Lent- CA
  19. Simply Marvelous- Steph- CA
  20. Master of Disaster- Andy Soto- CA*
  21. Marinated Chefs- Steve Clarke- CA---- Dropped Out- Family emergency.
  22. $Money$Smoke&Beer- James Obeson- CA
  23. Big T'z Q Cru- Ryan Newstrom- IA
  24. R n R- Roger Livingstone- Utah
  25. Soaked in Smoke- Rich Walters- CA
  26. All Hogs Go To Heaven - Steve Madaule- CA.. Tentative


  1. Michael Benedetto
  2. Jason Blackburn
  3. Jeff Johnson
  4. Dennis McGrath
  5. Sherry McGrath
  6. Gary Tackett
  7. Chris Black
  8. Ira Pupko
  9. Lilia
  10. Steve Alvarez
  11. Merrialyce Alvarez
  12. Robert Schnerch
  13. Ann Hoeppner
  14. Dan Drogichen
  15. Bob Cox- TC
  16. Abel Tirre
  17. Mercy Baron
  18. Anna Palomo
  19. Mike Santiago
  20. Elvin
  21. Gerald Cruce
  22. Jim Cuzzolina
  23. Gary McDow
  24. Radu Alexandru
  25. Kevin Davis TC
  26. Christine Davis TC
  27. Jeffrey Sklaver
  28. Michelle Sklaver
  29. Mark Mallchok
  30. Bernadette Burke
  31. Mike MArkowitz
  32. Mike West
  33. Robert Green
  34. Paul Robles
  35. Kimberly Robles
  36. Scott Kuklin
  37. Twila Knack
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